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The Heart is a vast frontier. This website is devoted to every aspect of the Heart. We are moving from worshiping the power of the mind to recognizing the real power of the heart. Science shows that the quantifiable measurement of the electromagnetic field of the mind is eclipsed by the sheer magnitude of the electromagnetic field that emanates and surrounds the heart.  If we could harness and express this power, then there is simply nothing that is not achievable in this life.

My work as a coach and helping others find their passion, express it fully in their lives and live life from a place of YES!, with heart, is what I offer to you.  The Heart Work I do with my clients is about total transformation, successful living and loving and having a vibrant and alive life every minute of the day. Change is never about time, or money, it is always about intention.

My commitment is to teach, to talk to, to guide and to inspire as many people as I can to take a leap into “the heart” of who they are, to risk knowing themselves at the deepest level possible which is not the mission of the mind.  This “knowing” comes from our direct experience with our soul, who incarnated and now lives in this one body that moves us through our lives.  Our power to change anything, our power to heal, to succeed, to create wealth, to find and express love and to change our world for the better, has been with each and every one of us all along.  It is simply a matter of ‘remembering’.  As your mentor, teacher, coach, midwife and champion I will accompany you in the work of “letting life reinvent you” in the image of who you were born to be.  Hand in hand, you will become all you were born to be.  And it is so much easier than you think


For many people, the heart has gone out of their lives, hope is a thing of the past and the mind has taken over searching for possible solutions to these mounting challenges that seem either out of reach or too numerous to achieve.  We are a world deeply estranged from the soulful life, cut off from nature and from one another.  We are, in fact, teetering on the brink of becoming one of the species facing extinction in our lifetime.  If you put your finger up into the wind, it is all but apparent that our climate itself is the perfect metaphor for where we are as humans:  Out of control. And when faced with these realities, we are also, at that same moment, offered unprecedented opportunity for expansion, love, prosperity and healing. That is what this website is about: The historical shift which brings with it an evolution of consciousness and the possibility for unity, joy and love in each persons life. The possibilities are endless. And I am here to work with you in this personal and global time of transformation.


Like all paradoxes, these seemingly bleak truths are accompanied by just as profound an opportunity for joy, wholeness and a soulful life, as all the catastrophic senarios that litter the news and cyberspace.  We are perched on a much larger and more powerful dream for a unified world that can if fact live in harmony and peace. But it is a choice. And now is our choice point.  People are rising up, joining in, creating solutions and caring more than ever before. It is all possible in the recognition that where we place our focus and intention, we create our reality. You are the author of your future. The Heart is the engine to get you there.

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

This website will be dedicated to inspiring you toward remembering who you are and accessing the power of the heart so that you might live, love and create your life with passion and beauty, with care for our planet and for others….from the heart.  If not now, when?  It takes great courage to open your heart to life.   So please visit my HeartWork page and find out how I can be of service to you.  Whether you are in crisis, have a book to write, need to reinvent your work in the world, create the love relationship you have always wanted, or generate physical health, I will accompany you on your journey with tools, with wisdom and with heart.

Blessings, Maya Luna Christobel

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Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.

Indira Gandhi

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July 26, 2015
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