A B O U T   M A Y A

Maya Luna Christobel

Maya is a communicator. As a writer, speaker and facilitator, she uses words to open the heart. As a practicing psychotherapist and teacher for the past 30 years, as well as a practitioner of Energetic Medicine, Maya developed an eclectic practice including Shamanic counseling, Art therapy and using the Tarot as a tool for understanding the self. She received her Bachelors degree from Boston University in Clinical Psychology. She did her masters and doctoral work in developmental psychology at Harvard University. Maya is one of the first to begin using a new biofeedback-based technology called Voice Stress Assessment (VSA) in her practice to address unique 21st Century issues of personal transformation for health and wellbeing. Understanding that all issues are a matter of vibrational frequency, Maya used this cutting edge technology to address Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, addiction and psycho-spiritual issues.

Everything is energy, everything has a vibrational frequency. And our emotions and beliefs are energy as well.  If you change the frequencies of trauma, fear and pain and raise those frequencies to love, compassion and joy, then you can heal absolutely anything, even destructive cellular memory.”

Maya has been writing screenplays and coaching writers for the past 15 years.  She has won several awards and been noted in many screenplay festivals including Austin Film Festival, The Writer’s Workshop, and Women in Film New York.  Her Books, Freeing Godivaon women’s empowerment co-authored with international best selling author Lauren Mackler, and Roadmap to Success, co-authored with Deepak Chopra can be found on this website on the Products page. Maya is a contributing author, as well, in the award winning book This I Believe: On Motherhood, part of the NPR Radio Show series, This I Believe.

“Words are power.  Words can inspire, can tear down the barriers to the heart, words create windows into the soul and into the vast territory of emotions that define us as humans.  Words, when authored by the heart can change everything.”

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“Working with Maya is truly life-changing. It’s as if she holds a mirror to your face and you see who you truly are beneath the layers of life’s grit and grime, and how to polish yourself up and step into the light. Everything she gives comes from a place of love, encouragement, and non-judgement. I want to eat up her positive energy with an ice cream scoop!”   H.E., Tulsa, OK

“Maya’s quick mind and depth of insight and experience continually open me up to new explorations on my journey.  I am forever grateful for her presence in my life.  She is a blessing for all who are privileged to work with her.”   B.D., Tulsa, OK