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Freeing Godiva: A Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment!

“Paintings and statues have emerged over the centuries depicting this bare woman on a magnificent horse. One of the most famous was painted by John Collier in 1898, hundreds of years after her ride.  Why has the Lady’s image endured over so many centuries? What does she ignite in us? Most only know of her infamous ride but not much about what prompted it. Godiva made a bold political statement filled with compassion for suffering people. She was willing to go against her husband, which in those days was not something a woman or wife was free to do without dire consequences, and she moved past pride, fear, and modesty to put the hardship of others first. She listened to her own inner still small voice instead of the voice of the collective or of her husband.”  Maya Christobel

Sixteen renowned women explore the theme of empowerment, finding one's voice, breaking with the status quo and living a bold life.  Check out more at www.amazon.com

Roadmap to Success

Maya Christobel, Co-authored with Deepak Chopra

This compilation of inspiring, strategic and powerful tools to create success in every aspect of your life will be the only map you need to manifest your dreams.

"It is important to have a plan and all the steps to execute that plan, but the success of those plans entirely depends on our goals being congruent with our inner experience of ourselves. The number one tool for success is to “Know Thyself!” Taking the time to do the work of aligning our heart with our mind, our feelings with our thinking, and knowing deeply what inspires and moves us in life is equal to our success in life."  Maya Christobel
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This I Believe: “On Motherhood”

Compelling stories of motherhood from the popular NPR radio show featuring Maya Christobel.

In April 2012 the NPR radio program, This I Believe will publish another New York Times Bestseller  “On Mothers." Maya’s blog, www.theheartspaceblog.com, dedicated to exploring the death of her mother, received notoriety and was chosen in part for the collection.  "Assisting in a birth or assisting in the death of a mother is a life changing event."

This touching, thought-provoking book includes pieces on motherhood in its many manifestations written by more than sixty remarkable men and women from ordinary life, whose reflections and sentiments will resonate with readers far and wide. Among the contributors are young, middle-aged and elderly mothers (and stepmothers), as well as sons and daughters of all ages and from many different backgrounds. Both funny and profound, this book is always engaging.

On Dying.   “Once lights are out at the end of a day of tedium, I breathe and ask “What is this all about?”.  I get an immediate answer. “To be fully present with your experience”.  Fully present going to The Dollar Store, looking for oversized Kleenex that my mother can’t live without, fully present with the TV that is louder than is bearable most of the time, fully present with those moments that time seems to stop all together while she struggles to get out of a chair or tie her shoes......”

Maya’s writing, “Visitor at the Table”, explores welcoming death into every day experience.

Up & Coming Publication: "Heartburn: Tales of the Heart"

This collection of poems written my Maya Christobel over the last decade, reveals all the magical, complicated, love rich mysteries of the heart.  To be released Winter of 2012.