Music & Partners

Music replicates the vibrations of the heart. That is why we are so stirred by music. Our soul sits up and is energized in the presence of certain music. Music changes lives, music heals wounds, music is the language that does not need words to cut across all cultures. We cannot speak of the heart and not speak about music.

I have chosen to align with a music company called AOMUSIC. As their partner in the process of marrying world and new age music with the voices of children around the world, AO in turn partners with global causes that endeavor to bring children off the street and feed, cloth and shelter countless people around the world through conscious giving.  I am excited to include this amazing group in this website. Music that dedicates itself to socially responsible action is where I put my heart. Please listen, learn and participate in this web of love that is spreading like wildfire. This is AOMUSIC.

And regularly, I will share new music that may be undiscovered by you, videos to inspire us all and interviews with those rare individuals who open our hearts to love and transformation.

An Opportunity for you to Change the World

June 9, 2012
Nepal girls on Bench

You can change the world through the power of music and the voices of children from every corner of the globe!     AOMUSIC  is a pan-cultural experience for a new eon, set to provide relief for children, orphaned by natural…

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Children of AO MUSIC

May 12, 2012
ao girl

There are countless children in need of help on our planet today.  And the needs of these children are most critical in a natural disaster when they have lost parents, been injured, are left to fend for themselves on the…

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Voice of Love and Hope

MIriam Stockley

This song  “Adiemus”, is sung by Miriam Stockley, the voice behind AOMUSIC. The original version is by the group Adiemus, featuring Miriam Stockley as lead vocal, but this version is a remake she did as a bonus track for her…

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January 17, 2012

Music is the voice of the soul.  And I am so proud and privileged to be part of a music company that has the heart and soul and the center of everything they do.  AOMUSIC will open your heart and…

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