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Spiritual Direction

There are so many forms of Spiritual Direction available for us to use in order to tap into the depth of our own knowing or into the collective consciousness.  The i-ching, the Tarot, the Kabbalah or psychics can steer us in important directions, giving us maps to create a life aligned more with who we were born be.   Channeling is a more recent word in our culture that has been attached to psychics and mediums.  Today “channeling” is a term used in reference to the esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from extra-dimensional beings or spirits, whereby one is a medium or “channel” for such an entity.  Another word could be "open vessel", "container", "interpreter", "seer".

But, I prefer a more modern association with the word and refer to the gift I have had since I was a child, as Spiritual Direction.  Like tuning to a new station on your radio that plays music, but just a different kind, with a different beat or new lyrics. I tune my vibrational frequency to those, “channels” and simply listen and tell what I hear and see.  I have been doing this since I was young, but I never understood what was happening.  Now, over 50 years later I am quite clear that what I hear, the voices that share, the words that come through me, are not from some extra-terrestrial entity necessarily, nor some relative with a message for a loved one, but my ability to clear out my personality and ego just enough to connect to that “Source” we call love, god, inner-being and consciousness.

My work in Spiritual Direction, is mostly in written form and yet can be done on the phone, in person or with a group.  I ask the person or persons a few questions and then find out what you would like to know and help move that information toward you in a way that is supportive, enlightening and empowering.  In the end, my greatest interest is to teach everyone that they possess the exact same ability and skill.  Everyone can "Channel".  Please contact me by email or phone for an appointment.

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  • Spiritual Direction

    There are so many forms of Spiritual Direction available for us to use in order to tap into the dept...
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