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Our work in the world is being challenged. It is harder to find jobs, many of you have been downsized or let go and most who find themselves working for a wage, discover that they can barely meet their financial obligations. There is opportunity for all of us when this happens. We can regroup and learn the power of manifesting a work life that comes from the source of who we are, comes from our heart’s desires and ultimately manifests the financial life we want. This is a new understanding in our society: That we have all the power we need to create the reality we want, the work we cannot wait to get up in the morning to do and with rewards that far outweigh a 401K.

I have endeavored to align to this spiritual law of abundance and my website is a reflection of my commitment to creating work in the world that comes from inspiration, joy and is designed to make me happy. What a concept. For I have found without exception that when I come from my heart felt inspiration and when I move toward joy in every moment then those around me find themselves doing exactly the same thing.

In this day and age I find that creative people create multiple jobs and interests over a lifetime. My life is no exception. I have been fortunate to explore and master a number of modalities in my work in the world over the past 30 years. And now, as I turn the corner of 60, I am devoted to putting all of my energy to those offerings that bring me joy and happiness. Teaching is my passion and my gift and you will find a diverse offering of services, workshops and coaching available here.

Please visit the page HeartSpace to hear what others are creating as innovative work in the world.

  • Coaching

    Coaching is for individuals who want to take control of their lives, their therapy and their own hea...
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  • Editing

    Editing is like renovating a house. Taking a sound structure with integrity and a good foundation an...
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  • Event Schedule

    Coming Soon!...
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  • Spiritual Direction

    There are so many forms of Spiritual Direction available for us to use in order to tap into the dept...
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  • Teaching

    Maya has been leading workshops for nearly 30 years, all in the service of helping others open their...
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  • Writing

    As a communicator, Maya finds that writing is the medium she is most passionate about. Her books an...
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